MASTER TOILES, Manufacturer of top-end canvas and stretcher for painter

In 1968, Jacques BEURCQ was buying up a little factory of wood’s item, in particular stretcher as canvas support.

He quickly modernizes and industrializes the manufacture. He becomes the exclusive supplier of the biggest French brand, Lefranc Bourgeois.

Twenty years later, the second generation deciding to propose a more finished product and a canvas fixed on a stretcher.

Christine and William founded MASTER TOILES in July 1989.

Helped by a laboratory, they develop a coating that over the year will make the reputation of their canvas.

Targeting the top of the range, by coating exclusively the Belgian linen, world-known for their quality, Master Toiles retains traditional technics, manual, “sabre pasting”, with skin-glue.

Manufacturing the product from A to Z, MASTER TOILES has built by retailers and wholesaler an image of service quality, and although product quality by using the best raw materials (solid moors, Belgian linen…). In addition, the company produces “one-off” pieces on demand, whatever the format or the dimensions. This custom-made service is very appreciated by retailers, who are surprised by our rapidity: a custom-made stretcher is delivered within 10 days.

By favouring the authenticity and the technological research in order to improve the skin- glue-based coating technics, Master Toiles imposed on the top-end market by producing canvas at steady qualities. A modernization of centuries old coating process, a mastered industrialization and a permanent search for quality, makes Master Toiles a reference for the most demanding painters.

The constant evolution of capital goods and, the progressive automation of the production and packaging line allow Master Toiles to supply major parts of Fine Arts specialists on French market, directly or through plants; And to launch its activity on the European market in order to meet a growing demand.